3 Tips to Read More

Reading is the perfect way to be entertained and grow your mind. Moreover, if you are writer yourself, part of your job is to read. It is food for your creativity.

If you want to take your reading time seriously, you need to hit those books every single day.

As a mother of two little kids, I must be creative to carve out time for this seemingly unfruitful activity. Even when they are not needing my attention, there is a lot of clean up to do. I have to lower the bar in the dusting department in order to sit my but in my chair (more like my bed) and read.

Let’s get to those tips now.

Carry a Book Everywhere

Especially when you are going somewhere you know you will have to wait, like the doctor’s or the dentist’s office. Please, don’t gamble those precious minutes away staring at your cell phone!

I hate carrying books in my purse because I am a neat freak about them. I don’t want the corners to get rolled up. My solution is to carry my E-reader (I have a Kobo & Kindle readers, but you can have any other brand) or a library book (they already look beaten, so I don’t mind if they get tossed around in my tote bag). So, I am always ready to get some reading done.

Schedule It

What is worth doing is worth adding to my calendar.

I find the easiest time for me to read is when the kids are in bed. Anyway, I am exhausted by then, and would not get much household chores done.

Instead of turning on the TV, flipping through some social media feed, or binging on Netflix, take a book and read. I don’t mean to completely eradicate those activities from your life, as they can bring inspiration in a way too. But, if you are a normal person, you probably waste too much time doing that, so you can cut back and enjoy more books.

If you are breastfeeding or have to be rocking a sick child, you could also be reading. I find that an E-reader is the best option in those situations. Don’t judge me, I do gaze in my children’s eyes, but you breastfeed sometimes up to 10 hours a day, nobody can stare so long at a baby and not get bored.

If you can get up earlier in the morning to get your reading done, it could also be an option. Or during your lunch break. Find what best works for you and be consistent.

Find Books You Can’t Put Down

If you want to be motivated by your reading, find the type of books that gets you excited to read. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you don’t enjoy a book enough that you can’t wait to keep reading, maybe you should just set it aside and read something else. Life is too short to be bored by a bad book!

However, some books are harder reads, and you might be tempted to give up. You might be learning something new and have some thick reading to get done. I try to set aside some time first to read a couple of pages of a scientific book before I dive into a novel. Even if I am not thrilled by the reading, I do want to learn what is inside its pages.

Those tips are quite simple to implement. Don’t thank me, that’s what I am here for. Trying to improve my efficiency, and then showing you how to replicate it for yourself.