Getting Ready for a Book Fair

If you are an author like me, you could be invited to a book fair.

I participated in a couple of them and it turns out to be a great opportunity to meet your readers. They will love to hear about your books, your writing processes and get a personnalized signature!

It is exciting to meet potential buyers. That being said, I believe that most people who walk shows like this one are more curious to look than serious buyers. They want to see what other people are doing with their creativity!

Often, the table will be there when you arrive, but you have to bring everything else to grab people’s attention and make them want to buy your books. Buyers are attracted to full tables, so bring as many books as you can and stack them.

I order copies from Amazon and I resell them for the same price. If I bought the book for 10,11$ including taxes, I will sell it for 10$. You get the idea.

Since I am in Canada, if I order author copies, they are cheaper, but I have to pay for customs. So I decided to buy directly from Amazon and pay full price, but then I increase my sales stats on the platform. I buy as little as I see fit since I don’t want to have a lot of stock in my house. I always have a minimum of two copies at all times to make sure I can quickly sell one if a friend comes over.

What You Need to Bring to the Book Fair

Here is the list I made for myself. I hope it helps you too!

  • Books (obviously)
  • Pen (to sign your books)
  • Plenty of change
  • Neutral table cloth
  • Something to do when no one is around (tablet, books..)
  • Notebook to mark each sale (or a cellphone)
  • Promotional material: business cards, bookmarks, posters, etc.

Make sure you get there early enough to make a nice set-up. The table must look full and organized.

Let me know in the comments if I am missing anything.