Life Coaching

I help multipotentialites women looking to grow.

“I have time to do whatever I choose. “

Multipotentialites crave variety and possibilities.

Coming up with new ideas it great. However, coming with more ideas than you can handle can be a problem.

Since I am a multipotentialite myself, I decided it was time to share the tools and methods that have help me achieve many of my goals while being a mom.

I created an exclusive program called: Decide, Plan, Do. This program lasts six weeks and includes several exercises as well as six coaching sessions with me.

I also offer personalized coaching sessions. This coaching can last as long as you need! Some clients get what they want from just one session while others are looking for a long-term transformation. After all, no matter how far you have come, there is always room for improvement!

Our thoughts, beliefs, and opinions are so ingrained in us that we cannot see them for what they are. They feel like facts.

We are find when they help us on our journey. It’s problematic when they slow us down (and we might not even know they are).

But how do we spot those limiting thoughts? sometimes, only a neutral person will detect them. This is why life coaches are so useful! I will point them out to you since I am trained to analyse the words you speak.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and make your dreams come true? Now is the time.

Looking to improve your results?

Did you know that small steps everyday can take you wherever you want?

I would prefer to just make a quantum leap, but it’s just now how it works. We don’t lose 10 pounds overnight. We don’t build an online presence in one day. We don’t start a business in 24 hours.

Developping the right habits is what will take you to higher success.

Start with your end goal in mind. Do you want to cook more, walk more, write more, paint more? Add it to your habits list.

You can grab my free Habit Creation Worksheet here!