Review of Infostack’s Write Publish Profit 4.0

Recently, I discovered

Infostack is a discount deal site that offers various themed bundles of digital resources worth thousands of dollars for a low price (usually $49 bucks) for a short period of time.

Here’s what went through my mind:

  • Sounds like a scam…
  • It can’t be legit. How can they offer so much value AND make money? Impossible…
  • It sounds WAY too good to be true and we all know what that means…
  • It’s probably just a bunch of bargain basement dud products no one would buy anyway..

So as someone who is obsessed with self-publishing and wanting to make a living out of it, I decided to get on a Zoom call with the owner to see if the product could be a good fit for my business. When you talk about profits, I’m in!

Here are 5 reasons I wanted to promote this product. You can buy it from June 8th through 15th here: Write Publish Profit 4.0 Bundle.

#1. They feature legit contributors

I discovered some of their contributors have incredible credetials like: 

  • USA Today bestsellers
  • TEDx talkers
  • NYT & WSJ bestsellers
  • Bram Stoker Award finalists
  • Emmy nominated screenwriters 
  • And even the multiple Emmy-Award winning writer and producer of HBO’s BAND OF BROTHERS. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Steven Pressfield (author of The War of Art) and Kate diCamillo (author of Tales of Despereaux) have given glowing testimonials for two of the products in their bundles.

AND, did you notice every indie author’s favorite, Ryan Zee is included? If you don’t immediately recognize his name: he’s the guy who founded Booksweeps, MailerLite and Plottr, three of most indie’s favorite tools of the trade.

Look who else they’ve worked with (the names in bold will be contributing to the upcoming writer’s stack!)

  • Lise Cartwright – USA Today, WSJ bestseller lists
  • Melissa Storm – NYT bestseller
  • Tom Leveen – Bram Stoker Award finalist, SPAWN comics contributor
  • Alexa Bigwarfe – USA Today bestseller
  • Rebecca Hamilton – NYT, USA Today, WSJ bestseller
  • Alan Watt – Product praised by Steven Pressfield (author of The War of Art
  • Susan May Warren – USA Today bestseller
  • Heather Cardona – USA Today 3x bestseller
  • Esther Jacobs – Int’l TEDx speaker
  • Nina Amir – Published by Writer’s Digest and Penguin House
  • Mary Buckham – USA Today bestseller
  • Christine Merrill – Amazon bestselling romance author
  • Michelle Richmond – NYT bestseller
  • Stacy Bauer – Bestselling children’s book author
  • Erik Bork – Multiple Emmy Award-winning writer-producer of projects including HBO’s BAND OF BROTHERS
  • Mark Boutros – International Emmy nominated screenwriter
  • Caye Kim – NYT and USA Today bestseller
  • Ray Brehm – USA Today and WSJ bestselling author
  • Eva Langston – Pushcart Prize nominee
  • Michelle Medlock Adams – Bestselling children’s book author and journalist
  • Ryan Zee – Founder of Plottr, Booksweeps, & MailerLite
  • Maggie McCloskey – Product praised by Kate DiCamillo (author of Tales of Despereaux

#2. The products included are good quality

You only spend $49 to get a ton of products and scoop a whole year’ subscription to your favorite book cover creator / social media book ad template platform. Do the math for yourself. It could be your chance to try these new tools!

Here’s a few of the first class products they’ve included in their writing stacks…

(the ones in bold will be in the next writer’s stack they have coming out June 8)

  • Storiad’s Author Book Promotion worth $280
  • The Writer’s Block Party 6 month sub worth $162
  • The Novel Factory 12 month sub worth $75 
  • Plottr 3 month sub worth $111
  • Bublish 12 month sub worth $120
  • 30% off for life Stencil Pro worth $215
  • Book Brush 12 month sub worth $100
  • 20% discount on professional editing services
  • ProWriting Aid 12 month sub worth $79
  • 20% discount to Silver or Gold Membership toThe Page Turner Awards (winners awarded literary representation)
  • 50% Discount on 100 Covers Pro Cover Design

Real products. Real prices. Real savings.

#3. All their bundles offer tons of value

The guys at Infostack shared past bundle stats to show how much value they typically offer their customers. Here is the list:

  • Write Publish Profit 3.0: 53 Products. Total Value: $5,695.14 
  • Write Publish Profit 2.0 Flash Sale: 57 Products. Total Value: $6.057.82
  • Write Publish Profit  2.0: 48 Products. Total Value: $5,267.84
  • Writer’s Craft 2.0: 54 Products. Total Value: $5,192.52
  • Writer’s Craft Super Stack: 66 Products. Total Value: $5,560.39
  • Kidlit Creators: 26 Products. Total Value: $2,214.96
  • Coming on June 8th: Write Publish Profit 4.0: 49 Products. Total Value: $7,050.73 (and growing)

That’s a LOT of content for writers…and given that the contributors and products are all top-class, it really is impressive how they’ve managed to put all this together.

#4. You get premium quality eCourses, masterclasses, and training programs included from leading experts

I am always looking to learn more about my craft so I was curious to know what kind of courses would be included in the bundle coming out June 8th, 2021. Here is what I learned first hand:

Build Your Author Platform 

The marketing membership that shows you how to build your author platform like a business to become desirable to publishers and sell more books! ($425 value)

A complete series of courses to build your author platform and launch your book like a marketing pro. ($125 value)

The course that shows exactly how to get email subscribers from your books on autopilot! ($100 value)

The ultimate shortcut to writing a great pitch that lands tons of interviews and gets your book sold. ($347 value)

A simple way to increase your income, influence and email list by hosting your own Virtual Summit! ($297 value)

Launch Your Next Book Like A Spacex Rocket

An A-Z program that takes students from saying, “I want to write a book,” all the way to post-publication marketing (and maybe even a best-sellers list!) in less than five hours a week. ($497 value)

The complete solution to build your author fan base, promote your book, and generate book sales. ($586 value)

Everything you need to successfully launch and market your book, regardless of topic or niche. ($497 value)

Self-edit like a pro and save a ton of money, too

Get a structured approach to editing your manuscript that teaches you how to self-edit your manuscript in organized layers, going from the big-picture editing of story arc all the way down to small-picture edits like grammar and style. ($249 value)

Perfect your story craft

Dive into everything you need to know to write a character-driven, action-packed, world-changing novel readers will love. ($393 value)

Craft satisfying plot twists with a self-directed workshop which will teach you how to make your story more suspenseful, unpredictable, and un-put-down-able. ($200 value)

Get the mindset to fulfill your writing dreams

Discover how to think like a successful person, and get your mindset on board with your dreams. ($197 value)

Transform the way you think and feel about yourself so you can write your book with confidence. ($553 value)

And this isn’t even the complete lineup.

#5. They offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel you got your money’s worth, you can ask for your money back. Within 24 hours, their support team will get back to you. But it seems like this would be unlikely.

So if you are a writer, or a self-published indie and anything turns up in your Inbox that has Infostack’s name on it, you can count on it being super legit and the best value you’ll ever get for $49…in maybe…ever!

So click on that link and get ahead of the writing curve like a pro. You can thank me later.