How to self-publish

How To Self-Publish

When you spent so much time writing your first book, it might seems like another mountain to climb to figure out how self-publishing works.

It could be tempting to pay for a vanity publisher, or hybrid publisher, to do the work for you. I get it.

However, self-publishing on Amazon is much simpler than you can imagine. I have recorded my screen to show you exactly where you need to click to get your book online in a matter of hours.

In fact, my online course teaches you exactly the technical step-by-step you must do to start selling your book on Amazon. You won't believe how easy it will be!

Follow along the videos and you will have a finished book at the end!

You get 7 modules for only 97 USD$

  • Introduction
  • Create Your Account
  • Fill Your Account Information
  • Publish Your eBook
  • Publish Your Paperback
  • Format Your Book
  • Create a Free Cover
Self-publishing your book
Imagine Unpacking a Box Filled With Your Own Books

Why You Should Publish Your Book Right Now!

  • Create a Piece of Legacy: Leave your mark on this planet by leaving a book behind for everyone to read.
  • Build Your Credibility: People are impressed by people who have published a book. You can be one of them! Moreover, a book lends you instant credibility.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Publishing a book is quite a feat. You will be so proud of yourself for reaching the finish line.