Josiane Fortin published her first novel in 2013 with a Canadian publishing company.

Since then, she has self-published two additional novels and two self-help books. She write in French, but her self-help books are now available in English too!

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Double Your Time: Simple Techniques to Jump-start Your Productivity

Feel like there’s never enough time?

Productivity expert Josiane Fortin shares simple but powerful techniques to jump-start your productivity—strategies you can start using today.

Learn how to combine activities to achieve double the result in the same amount of time. The secret for eliminating distractions. Ways to prioritize your tasks. and manage your energy to handle them all.

If you want to live a more fulfilling life, Double Your Time is the ultimate guide to achieving all your goals.

New Witch in Town

Emily feels left out by her group of friends at school, but her world is turned upside down when she befriends newcomer Brianna.

Soon, Emily notices that Brianna has magical powers and doesn’t hesitate to use them to manipulate those around her, for better or for worse.

Will Emily succumb to the lure of popularity and black magic by siding with her new best friend? Or will she decide to stay true to herself, even if it means losing her friendships?

An urban fantasy novel set in high school filled with magic that captivates teenage girls who dream of finally finding their place in the world.

Mine Your Brain

You can transform your life and generate revolutionary ideas and solutions if you build your thinking skills, and it starts with asking more powerful questions.

We often turn to others to figure out what we should do with our lives, but wouldn’t it make more sense to turn inward to find our own answers? Why would we assume other people’s insights are better than ours?

This booklet is filled with high-level questions you can use to propel your personal life and career.

Your mind contains gold & diamond. Dig in.

Adorable Monsters

Adorable Monsters

Enjoy reading this colorful book with your kids while teaching them French and Spanish. Cognitive benefits of learning languages are undeniable! Each page showcases an adorable monster with a sentence written in three languages.

The One-Year Plan


Forget resolutions. One year plans can change your life.

A very strategy oriented guide for building up your life. Well done to the author for packing the first few chapters with plenty of ideas on how to change your life. Even if you don’t know what you want, the beginning of this book is full of ideas. I realized when I was reading this book that similar to businesses, we need to have a plan. IF we don’t know where we are going, how will we know where to go? I like the examples, the guidelines, the action plan on step 4 and the reminder through that we should live a more intentional life. We can create the life we want. If you’re tired of new year’s resolutions that never stick, pick up this book. It will be the guide book you need to get things done all year long. Quick and easy read.”

– Vishnu, USA

587 Affirmations for Women

587 Affirmations For Women

Use the Power of Affirmations to Change Your Life.

Do you want to harness the power of affirmations to improve your life?
This booklet is for you. It offers 587 affirmations that cover all the important areas of your life: love, health, family, career, money, self-esteem, goals, and more.
A list of ready-made affirmations, for any occasions and for every situation in your life!
Simply be inspired by the statements and select the ones that suit you.
Adapt your favorite affirmations to your situation to make them even more powerful!

Early on

Josiane is an avid reader since childhood. In elementary school, she had read all the books at her small school’s library.

She reads fantasy, chick lit, romance, and science fiction, but she does prefer to have is set in the present day.


Josiane is working a brand-new science fiction novel.

What would happen if an outcast alien decided to leave his planet? That’s what happened to Drax! He found a body to host him and now he walks among us.

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